A Guide to Buying GPS Tracking Device for Dogs

With so many threats and dangers surrounding our pets on a daily basis, it’s important that we take the necessary steps and observe the appropriate precautions to ensure their safety. While we can’t predict the many different perils that our pets could fall into, it always pays to prepare ourselves with a GPS Tracking Devices for Dogs and prevent them from happening. Aside from the usual case of a pet eating something he shouldn’t have, there are far greater threats that we need to be wary of, and among the most daunting for any pet owner is the case of a lost dog.

Whether your dog wandered off, ran away, or got stolen, the emotional stress and sadness caused by the fear of never seeing your beloved furry family member can be a lot to take in. Although practicing responsible pet parenthood is the obvious solution to ensure that your dog is always safe and sound, it pays to be equipped with the best GPS tracking devices for dogs if in case it does get lost.

gps tracking devices for dogs

In recent years, GPS tracking devices for pets have seen a major boom in sales because of the awakening of pet parents all over the globe. That said, close to a hundred different brands have all developed and released an endless roster of GPS collars for dogs that can make it quite a challenge for pet owners to decide which one to get.
Remember – a GPS tracking device for your dog is an investment. The last thing you want is to purchase a faulty product only to have it malfunction if and when the time comes that you need it. Make sure to buy nothing but the best GPS tracking device for your dog by taking these factors into consideration.

How to Find the Best GPS Tracking Devices for Dogs

1. Think About Range –

When you want to use your GPS, data from the tracking device is sent from your dog’s location to the personal handheld device you link it to. That means if you’re dog is no longer within range, your smartphone won’t be able to get a signal, thus you will not be able to locate your dog. If you want to have a GPS tracking device for your dog because he likes to roam around your vicinity, a GPS with a smaller range might do you good. But remember, because there are bigger dangers like dog nappers that could bring your pet much farther than just a few blocks away, it would be wise to invest in a device with a wider range. Consider the distance that your GPS tracking device can cover and make sure you get the widest range at your budget’s worth.

2. Built In or Clip On? –

There are some GPS tracking devices that are built into the collar, and then there are those that you can simply clip on to a standard pet collar. If you want a device that isn’t likely to come off of your pet, the built in models are right up your alley. But if you like switching up collars, using other pet accessories like slings and body suits, or if you like to get fancy with dog clothes, a clip on would be a much better choice. By using a device that can be removed from the collar, you can attach the device to the different garments that your pet usually wears.

3. Data Accessibility –

Many of the best GPS tracking devices for dogs available on the market these days are compatible with virtually every kind of smart phone. What’s convenient about this feature is that you can receive data from the device in real time, while you’re on foot to save you the time of having to analyze the data from a stationery device. Alternately, you could try the models that will sync on your computer. While this might not be as straight forward as having the application installed directly on your phone, there are some pet owners who prefer the more feature-rich experience that a desktop provides.

4. Price and Affordability –

There are some GPS tracking devices that cost a pretty hefty price, and as a consumer, the last thing you want is to spend your entire life savings on such a small device. Of course, it’s important to get the best GPS tracking devices for Dogs, but that doesn’t mean you should pour your entire wallet into it. Set a budget and compare prices before diving into a purchase. As a general rule, make sure you buy the most expensive model that your money will allow. This will ensure that you have a high quality product that will do the job right when you need it. It also pays to check out the product’s warranty in case there are any defects or problems so you can get the appropriate customer care for your purchase.

Whistle’s New ‘Find My Dog’ GPS Device

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