Which is the best dog grooming table ?

If you are fortunate enough to be dealing day in and day out with pooches as part of your profession, then you will know the importance of having a good quality dog grooming table that allows you to comfortably work on a dog while trimming the nails or De-matting fur. Even if you are an occasional groomer, then having a quality grooming table will make life a lot easier for you. It prevents your dog from playing Houdini and allows you to peacefully achieve some success in the realm of grooming.

So, why do you need a special dog grooming table? Why can’t you just use a normal table instead?

Because unlike contrary notion, pets don’t stand and pose while you go about trimming their hair or nails. A lot of pets are not desensitized to grooming and will make every possible effort to ensure that you have a miserable hour or two as you go about your job. A dog grooming table has a bunch of specialized tools which allow you to have comfortable access to the pet without straining your back or your shoulders too much.

Dog Grooming Table

If you have never heard of the term dog grooming table or are looking to upgrade your workstation from an old table to a swanky new tool-set, then here’s a small guide that explains the different types of tables and how to choose the best one for your needs.

The different types of dog grooming tables

There are three types of grooming tables that you will come across when you go shopping. Here’s a brief glimpse into all three of them.

Electric tables:

These are the most convenient and also the most expensive variety of dog grooming tables. The perks include a very comfortable height which can be further adjusted according to your comfort at the press of a button. Electric dog grooming tables also include other features like harnesses and nooses. But the most important feature is the automation that you get and the remote controlled operation.

Hydraulic tables

: If automation on your fingertips is not a criteria you seek, then maybe the hydraulic dog grooming table will catch your fancy. These have a hydraulic pump that adjusts the working height of the table according to your comfort. Operating the pump is pretty easy and can be done with a conveniently located foot pedal. However, if you have to continually adjust it every time you have a different dog breed on the table, then it may start to get slightly annoying.

Folding tables:

Last but not the least, folding tables are perfect for the occasional groomer who’s strapped for space and cash. As the name suggests, these can be folded when not in use and have all the features of the other two types of tables minus the automation.

The Features of a dog grooming table

The most important feature of the dog grooming table is to have a comfortable working space where the dog can stand upright and can be secured in a safe manner. To this end, the tables have a wide range of optional tools like nooses and harnesses. To get the perfect dog grooming table, you must take into account the different sizes of pets that you normally deal with.

Securing mechanism:

As a rule of thumb, harnesses are used for large sized breeds while nooses are used to secure smaller breeds. A newer more advanced system called the cross-tie is fast gaining popularity among groomers. This features an adjustable cord which goes around the neck of the dog and is secured to the table by two anchor points.

Despite looking ominous, the fact is that loops and harnesses are completely safe and humane. In fact, they can reduce the risk of injury while grooming pets.

The work area:

You will have to choose the right sized table depending on the dog breeds that you normally deal with. Ideally, there should be some space left even after the dog is secured and standing upright. Anything less may be too small or make the dog feel cramped and uncomfortable. On the other hand, if you deal with dogs of all sizes, then go for the largest grooming table with multiple loops, hooks and harnesses which can be adjusted easily.

The Adjustable arm:

Most pet grooming tables have a single adjustable arm that can extend horizontally and vertically according to the height of the pet. These can also be folded or removed when not in use. But if you have a pet that gets agitated during grooming sessions, then you may need a table with an H-arm. These tables have two arms on either side with multiple hooks or nooses that lets you keep the pet secure. The flip-side is that the arms can obstruct your hands when you are grooming. This can be difficult if you are trimming hair for large dog breeds.

To help you with your purchase, here’s a list of the most popular dog grooming tables in the market currently. These have been picked after carefully analyzing their features, speaking to professional groomers and also the casual home user. We have listed everything from entry-level tables to budget priced models for the discerning shopper.

#1 – Flying Pig Folding Grooming Table

Dog Grooming TableWith a flawless 100% positive customer rating, this folding grooming table from Flying Pig is hands down the most popular dog grooming table in the market currently. It is sturdily built, has a large work surface that is prefect for even large sized dogs and comes with an adjustable arm and a noose that lets you secure the dog when they are on the table.

Sturdy construction

This grooming table from Flying Pig features a durable stainless steel frame that has a weight bearing capacity of up to 330 lbs. So, if you ever had problems with a flimsy table being knocked over, then this is just what you need. The feet of the table stay secure and it does not wobble even slightly.

The steel frame is also rust-resistant and folds up easily when not in use. This allows you to conserve space as it can easily be stored just about anywhere.

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Large work area

The table has a large and roomy work area. The dimensions are 44″L x 24″”W x 31.5″H which allow your pet to stand comfortably or even sit if you have an old dog. Also, the surface has a bone shaped non-slip surface that gives them a firm footing while standing.

It is also extremely easy to clean and all that it takes is a wipe with a wet cloth. You will have it looking as good as new in no time. For older dogs with incontinence or bladder problems, cleaning poo or urine will be effortless with this table.

Adjustable folding arm and noose

The table also features a heavy-duty grooming arm with a noose that is adjustable and can reach out to a maximum distance of 45 inches. When not needed, the arm folds away giving you uninterrupted access to your pet. The table has a conveniently located storage basket that lets you store grooming essentials and other sundry details.


This is an ingeniously designed package that you cannot go wrong with. Great pricing, amazing features and a flawless customer rating. Professional or DIY home user, go for it.

#2 – Master Equipment Pet Grooming Table for Pets

Dog Grooming TableDespite their teensy appearance, small sized dogs often have a boisterous personality that comes to the fore on the grooming table. It is crucial to have a non-slip secure surface that lets you keep them safe. This grooming table from Master Equipment is specially designed for small dogs and provides you with a compact sized grooming surface that can be mounted on any level surface.

Stable and durable

This dog grooming table has a minimalist footprint that allows you to mount it easily on any level surface. Buying a large dog grooming table for a Chihuahua or a pug can be such an overkill. This helps eliminate that problem. It is just the right size and can be easily stored when not in use.

It features rubber feet which give it unparalleled stability. Even if you have an active dog that moves about a lot during grooming, the table will stay rock steady.

The non-slip surface which is 18 inches in diameter provides traction and allows your dog to have a firm grip while standing.

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Makes grooming effortless

This is a turn table with a rotating base that allows you to easily groom your pet’s hair. If you are using a dryer, this lets you target all sides of the body without having to bend or stretch.

To ensure that your pet doesn’t get motivated to jump off from it, there is an adjustable grooming arm that can extend from 16¼” to 23½” and it includes a loop that can be matched with the color of the table top.

You have three different attractive color choices and can pick from Blue, purple, or black. The color does not fade even with months of use.


Have a miniature sized dog? Go for this table. It is priced under $60 and will save you a lot of effort and time. Completely worth every dollar that you spend on it.

#3 – Go Pet Club Grooming Table

Dog Grooming TableThis dog grooming table from Go Pet Club is just perfect when you need a sturdy surface with a bare-bones design to keep your pet secure while you are grooming. It is minimalistic and is more suited for the home user who likes to groom their pets themselves, without spending a bomb for it.

Rock Steady Goal post styled legs

For starters, this grooming table features goal post styled legs with rubber capping on the feet that stay rock steady on the ground. There is zero wobble or sway. Even if the pet doesn’t fancy getting their hair trimmed and moves around a bit, the table does not move.

Also, it has a large table top surface which allows your pet to stand comfortably and even sit. It is available in four different sizes and you can choose from 30 inches to 48 inches.

There is an adjustable grooming arm that can be adjusted as high as 40 inches. So, even if you have a medium to large sized dog, you can easily adjust it to secure the loop around their neck.

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Durably built

All the metal components including the legs and the frame on this Go Pet Club grooming table are made from aluminum alloy that is rust resistant and extremely light weight. If you are looking for a table that you can carry on the road for dog shows, you just found it.

The table surface is 100% water proof and you can just wipe out any liquid spills with a cloth. Even if you have a dog with incontinence problems, this makes it effortless to clean the table. This also prevents the water from leaking and warping the wood below the table surface.

The pebbled non-slip surface will keep your pet safe and firm while they are standing.


Durable, fold-able and priced just right, this dog grooming table is just perfect for the DIY pet groomer. It has a great customer rating too. Highly recommended.