Best Dog Hair Dye

These days, pet parents go the extra mile to primp and pamper their pooches. While costumes held center stage for a long time with everything from casual to formal and sportswear for dogs, a recent trend that is fast catching on is dog hair dye. And we are not talking about a patch of colored mane either. Spurred on by a few celebs like Willow Smith, pet parents are experimenting lock, stock and barrel with dog hair dye. Thanks to the easy availability of a variety of colors, you are only limited by your own creativity.

But it goes without saying that dyeing the fur of your pet is also one of the most controversial trends that is replete with risks of toxicity and allergic breakouts. For this reason, it is crucial that you be aware of the different varieties of dog hair dye in the market and the pros and cons of each one.

dog hair dye

Is it safe to use dog hair dye?

In most cases, it is completely safe because everything that is sold as canine hair dye is usually non-toxic, safe for dog fur and does not contain harsh chemicals or carcinogens. Having said that, a lot of people try to cut corners and use human hair dye on their pets. This is one of the main reasons for toxicity in pets due to hair dye.

Human hair dye contains chemicals that are suited for the pH level of the human body which is completely different from that of a dog. Never attempt to dye your dog’s hair with human hair dye. It will cause an adverse reaction that may even be fatal for your pet.

Dog hair dye on the other hand can be made of dog-friendly food grade coloring or other chemicals that have been approved by Cosmetic, Toiletry, and Fragrance Association (CTFA).

Here are some of the commonly used varieties of dog hair dye that are safe for use with your dog.

Types of Dog Hair dye

Food coloring:

Food coloring is hands down the safest and most recommended way to dye your dog’s hair. These are sourced from fruits, vegetables, flowers and herbs and are completely non-toxic. And contrary to what people think, there is no dearth of colors either. Right from bright ones like orange, yellow, green, pink to muted shades like purple, gray and brown, there are a plethora of color choices. Food coloring can either be applied directly to dry fur or mixed with water and then sprayed on the dog’s body. You must let the dog dry out naturally.

Gel based colors:

Gel based colors are ideal if you are looking for lasting results. Unlike food coloring, these are not temporary and won’t fade or wash off in a couple of days. Typically, the dye will last for months and are perfect if you want to maintain permanent colored fur for your pet. The gel is easier to apply and you can easily create multiple colored patterns with it. Also, you have a wider choice of colors in gel.

Hair Sprays:

Hair sprays are hands down the most convenient way to dye your pet’s hair. All that you need is a grooming table to keep your pet on and a pattern that you like. Just spray it from a safe distance. Hair sprays are typically temporary hair dyes and wash off easily with plain water and pet shampoo. So, reserve these for those special occasions. How about an all-green Labradoodle for St. Patrick’s Day?

Fur Chalk:

If you are looking to just streak specific portions of your dog’s hair then fur chalk maybe a good option. Fur chalk is a canine-friendly colored chalk that can either be applied directly on dry fur or be applied by making a paste with water. The only caveat is that application may be a tad tedious, especially when there are easier options like fur sprays and gels.

If you are looking to add some color to your dog’s fur this Halloween or upcoming holiday season, then here are a few options that you have at hand. These are list of some of the most popular dog hair dyes in the market that are frequently used by the fashionistas of the canine world.

#1 – Dog Hair Dye Gel

dog hair dyeTop Performance’s dog hair dye gel is available in a whole array of bright colors that can completely transform the look of your fur ball in minutes.

The options are screaming pink, glamour gold, magic purple, monster green, popstar pink, midnight blue, silver shimmer, tango turquoise, tuxedo black, twilight yellow, vampire red and wicked red.

What separates this from other varieties of dog hair dye is that the colors are extremely bright. So, if you choose screaming pink, you will be amazed at how intense the pink looks. The same holds true for midnight blue which is a very deep but dark blue and not the typical blue.

The colors are available in conveniently sized 4 ounce bottles are also easy to carry   with you during dog shows.

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These are gel based dyes which are easier to apply as compared to other types of doggie dyes. Get them on the grooming table, wet their hair and apply the gel mixed with water or directly depending on how dark or light you want them to be.

With an abundance of color choices, you can really experiment and come up with some amazing colorful designs for your pet.

The color will last for approximately 4 to 6 washes or a couple of months, whatever comes first.

Important things:

  • This dog hair dye gel from Top Performance is ideal for dogs who are 12 weeks or older
  • You must wear gloves while applying it to your dog’s fur else you may find it difficult to wash the dye off your hands
  • The gel is completely non-toxic and is Cosmetic, Toiletry, and Fragrance Association (CTFA) approved
  • The shades are vivid and the brightness will last for at least 3 weeks after which they start to fade a little
  • To maintain the bright color, you may have to redo it once every three to four weeks


Easy to apply, lasts long and a whole range of color options. Highly recommended.

#2 – Petperi Professional Temporary Dog Hair Dye

dog hair dyePetperi’s temporary dog hair dye pens are perfect for dyeing small sized dogs and kittens. This is a complete set of colorful pens that include six different colors. The options are yellow, orange, pink, green, red and blue.

These are the most basic of colors that can give you some spectacular color combinations. But don’t be thrown off by the lack of fancy color names. These colors are as vivid as they come. Irrespective of whether you are looking to streak the tresses or looking for a uniform color on the entire body, it can be achieved with ease.

You can check out some really amazing doggie colors achieved with the Petperi pens on Amazon in the customer reviews section.


The pens make it lot easier to apply the color than conventional gel or water based colors. Buy this Dog Hair Dye on Amazon It also allows you to precisely narrow down on the exact area that you want to color. For example, if you are looking to color only behind the ears or just under the neck, the pens give you a better reach. Also, it’s less of a mess. You don’t have to worry about covering the area with newspapers or your dog accidentally staining the drywall.

It lasts only for two days though. This makes these colors a good choice for a special occasion like Halloween. You can wash it off with water and shampoo in a couple of days.

The colors are completely safe and non-toxic which makes them ideal for your dog. It does not contain 2-4 Amino Benzene Methyl Ether which is a known carcinogen that exists in most types of hair dyes.

Important things

  • These colors are 100% natural and safe for your pets
  • You must never color too close to your dog’s eyes
  • Does not contain No 2-4 Amino Benzene Methyl Ether which is a known carcinogen
  • Temporary hair dye that can be washed off in two days
  • Easy to apply
  • Long lasting cartridges that do not dry out
  • Ideal for special occasions


Easy application and washes off easily when not required. This is perfect for small sized dogs or for the occasional touch up.

#3 – Dog Hair Dye Gel

dog hair dyeLast but not the least, we have a range of beautiful doggie dye gel in an easy to dispense tube from Owpawz.

A lot of people are unable to apply the gel precisely when using from a conventional bottle. The tube helps eliminate that problem and you can even apply it directly on the skin with ease.

There are 9 color options to choose from in black, blue, brown, green, pink, purple, red and yellow. As expected with dog hair dye, the colors are all bright and vivid and if you are looking for a more muted tone, then you may have to dilute the color in water before applying.


Application is as simple as it gets. You can wet your dog’s hair and apply it or even apply it on completely dry fur. Either ways, the gel adheres perfectly to the fur and the results last for a couple of weeks.
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A few pet parents have discovered that these colors do not resemble the typical blue or brown or even black when applied on their dog’s fur. The reason is that different types of coats take on colors in different ways. You may apply the same black on a poodle and a Labrador and end up with coats that look nowhere identical. That’s just how it works for dog hair dyes.

Otherwise, the gel is used by many professional groomers for their clients and is one of the best semi-permanent dog fur dye in the market now.

Important things

  • This is a semi-permanent dye that will last for a few weeks at least. If you are only looking for a temporary fur dye, then look at the Petperi temporary hair dye.
  • The gel is easy to install, thanks to the tube dispenser
  • If you have shaved a part of the dog’s body then you must be careful to keep the dye off those areas because it will dye the skin as well
  • The color is completely nontoxic and contains only ingredients approved by the FDA, FD&C and the Personal Care Products Council
  • It is safe for pets above 12 weeks of age


If you were thrown off by the difficulty in applying dog hair dye gel on your pet, then grab this easy-to-apply tubes and go creative on your pets. You will be amazed at the results.

Some precautions while dyeing your dog’s hair

As amazing as it feels to watch your dog flaunt the latest colors and grab eyeballs, there are a few common sense precautions that you must take before dyeing your pet’s hair.

  • Read the instructions carefully. If the product is meant to be applied on wet hair, then applying it directly on dry fur may cause an allergy to your pet. Always follow the instructions well.
  • Put on an Elizabethan collar for your pet until the dog hair dye dries completely
  • Never color too close to the eyes, ears or nose. If the color gets into these, the immediately flush it with water and contact your veterinarian.
  • Always apply the color on an inconspicuous part of the pet’s body to see how they react to the color. If there is an allergic reaction, do not use it further and speak to your vet.
  • If your pet has experienced an allergic reaction before to hair dye, then it is best if you avoid it and try food grade coloring.