The Right Way to Shop for a GPS Tracking Device for Dogs

You probably don’t need me to remind you of what could go wrong if your dog goes missing. The sad statistic every dog owner faces in the United States is that, in the course of any given year, thousands of dogs go missing. Not dozens, not hundreds, but thousands upon thousands of dogs. The best GPS Tracking Device for dogs will help track your pet. Now, this is not because of some epidemic of sloppy dog ownership. It’s not like a huge number of dog owners simply became careless or scatterbrained. The fact is, dogs go missing all the time. You don’t have to beat yourself up, you don’t have to feel guilty.

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For a wide variety of reasons, and many of them are outside of your control, your dog is given the opportunity to wander off. In many cases, they are forced to wander off. Whatever the case may be, you really have a race against the clock in front of you. According to statistical surveys, for every day your pet is missing, the chances of it ever being found decreases substantially. After a certain point in time, the chances of your pet coming back or being located in a shelter somewhere, is close to zero. This is the cold hard reality that many dog owners face.


Unfortunately, too many are clueless regarding this fact. They take a very casual approach to tracking technologies. They think that by simply investing in a dog tag, they got themselves covered. Unfortunately, such old school technology is not going to do you much good in the here and now. We’re already living in the age of mobile apps and GPS tracking technology. Wouldn’t it be nice to keep up with the times and ensure that your pet is properly protected?


Thankfully, more and more pet owners are waking up to the fact that the best way to proactively ensure that their pets can be quickly found is to invest in a GPS tracking device for dogs. More and more owners are buying this piece of equipment. The problem is, when most people go online, they are bombarded with all sorts of alternative products. It would seem that there are just so many choices in the market.


It’s very tempting to think that if you’ve seen one GPS tracking device for dogs, you’ve pretty much seen them all. This is a very dangerous train of thought because it flies in the face of reality. These devices are not created equal. Far from it. Many manufacturers have very strict quality guidelines. Many manufacturers have a high level of integrity and pay quite a lot of attention to detail. Unfortunately, not all manufacturers are like this. Some manufacturers focus on producing low price products.


However, don’t let the low price tags fool you. There is a reason why those products are so cheap. They are cutting corners as far as the durability or even the effectiveness of the product goes. It should not be a surprise that the typical cheap GPS tracking device for dogs doesn’t really hold a candle to top notch albeit pricey comparable products. While it’s not a good idea to jump on the most expensive product that you come across, you also have to keep in mind that the old saying of “you get what you pay for” remains true.


So, how do you shop for a GPS tracking device for dogs the right way? Pay attention to the following.


First, Be Clear on Your Needs


The first thing you need to do is to be clear about your needs. What exactly are your priorities? Of course, your dog’s health, safety and wellbeing should be at the top of the list. You should also fill out the rest of the list. Don’t be embarrassed or feel guilty if cost effectiveness is part of your list. There is a happy medium between buying a high quality product and low prices. Believe it or not, there are decent quality products that can withstand the test of time which doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.


Weigh Different Types of Products Based on Your Needs


Now that you have a clear idea of what your needs are, look at different types of products. When looking for a GPS tracking device for dogs online, you’d realize that there are different categories of these types of products. Now, keep a laser focus on your needs and try to filter those different categories. You would quickly realize that they break down into different cost categories.


Now, the next step is quite tricky. Unfortunately, finding truthful or trustworthy information online can sometimes feel like you are looking for a needle in a haystack. If you’re feeling frustrated, welcome to the club. However, you can easily cut through the misinformation and confusing data by paying attention to the right review sites. It’s really important to make sure that you are using the “right” review sites.


What makes a review site “right?” Very simple, it doesn’t suffer from a conflict of interest. It really is that basic. In other words, the website doesn’t make its money recommending products it makes a commission from. You can bet that if you go on a website that is simply pushing a certain affiliate product over the product that would make the most sense in your situation, you are dealing with a conflict of interest. Your interest conflicts with the interest of the website owner.

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It’s easy to see the interest of the website owner: they want to make money. Your interest, on the other hand, is to find the very best products so your dog’s health, wellbeing and safety are preserved. The good news is when you cross reference the information that you get from the typical review site with social media sources and trusted online resources, you would be able to quickly zero in on the products that make the most sense in your particular situation.
The bottom line here is that you need to focus on your own best interests. Don’t abdicate these interests by blindly trusting review sites. Even if a review is well written and sends off the right signals, a little bit of healthy skepticism and suspiciousness can go a long way. Keep in mind that the stakes are really high. We’re talking, of course, about the safety of your canine companion.