Top 5 Hypoallergenic Dog Foods you can Try For Dogs With Allergies

Our dogs are like family. But unlike family, we can’t just ask them to tell us what they want for dinner. Our dogs are dependent upon us to buy the right foods that are healthy and safe for them to consume. While this seems quite simple and obvious, most people overlook how important it is to choose the right food for their pets. Too often, people buy food that doesn’t sit right with the animals, and the end result is usually very messy. Rather than buying any old dog food, it’s important to know the breed of your dog in addition to any possible allergies.



A history of allergies isn’t necessarily life threatening to an animal, but you don’t even want to take the risk in the first place. If you don’t want to risk an allergic reaction at all, it’s a great idea to simply buy a hypoallergenic dog food. This sort of dog food will guarantee there won’t be any allergic reaction regardless of your dog breed. In case you aren’t sure what allergic reactions look like, keep an eye on your dog’s skin. If your dog develops rashes or seems to be scratching or itching profusely, those would be signs of an allergic reaction. Remember, there are different types of allergies and as such, different types of hypoallergenic dog foods. So you’ll have to determine which specific allergy is giving your dog issues. Here are the top five dog foods you can give your dog so they won’t have an allergic reaction.

Holistic Radiant Adult

This dog food is perfect for dogs that have digestive issues. Oftentimes, allergies manifest themselves in the gut of your animal. By introducing whole, healthy foods with built-in enzymes, these foods can make the digestion process a lot smoother. Just like in people that have digestive issues, Radiant Adult will help get your dog’s stomach accustomed to digesting whole food. Also, the fiber in this dog food will make it much easier for your dog’s digestive tract to absorb the nutrients in the food without having a bad reaction.

Wellness Natural Dog Food

While it is rare for dogs to have gluten or grain allergies, Wellness Natural Dog food alleviates those concerns by delivering an all-natural formula free of gluten or grains. This formula delivers nothing but the highest quality, pure dog food free of these unnecessary extras, and ensures your dog will be able to digest only what it needs, rather than unhealthy fillers. Unlike some of the other dog foods on this list, this one in particular is perfect for serving as a “pioneer” food. It will weed out which allergies are affecting your dog, and since you know it’s gluten and wheat free, you’ll be able to use the process of elimination to figure out what things give your dog’s stomach issues, and which things don’t.

Out of their entire line, their “Simple” formula is the best one to start out with. It only has a handful of essential ingredients along with flax seed oil for extra immune and skin protection. Overall, a comprehensive formula for just about any dog that’s suffering from allergies.

Orijen Dog Food

Tibetan TerrierAs people, we hear so much about avoiding processed foods. Processed foods tend to contain unnecessary additives, unhealthy synthetic add-ons, and injected hormones that alter the quality of the product. Also, processed foods tend to taste very strange and lack a certain “wholeness” we come to expect from healthy natural foods. Orjen dog food is the perfect healthy choice for dogs with or without allergies. Because Orjen is free of any added synthetics, it will reduce the odds that those chemicals will make your dog sick. A lot of the reasons dogs become allergic in the first place is because they’re introduced to an unhealthy filler that shouldn’t be in the food in the first place.

You can also take comfort in knowing that Orjen’s ingredients are all-natural and feature farm-raised animal byproducts. This guarantees a product that delivers whole amino acids and a great radio of protein per gram.

Royal Canin Hydrolyzed Protein

The reason animals are fed meat and egg byproducts is due to the fact that these foods are high in protein. Protein is composed of amino acids, and your dog’s body needs these amino acids to have a healthy functioning body. However, people forget that amino acids are present in other protein-rich foods. One of the most protein-rich foods that is jam-packed with amino acids is whey protein. Just like fitness enthusiasts, Royal Canin’s hydrolyzed protein not only gives your dog a healthy source of protein and amino acids, but it is also a 100-percent hypoallergenic dog food.

Keep in mind, if your dog is lactose intolerant, it will not be able to consume this dog food, but for all others, this is a great alternative to traditional, hormone-injected meat-based dog foods.

Addiction’s Wild Kangaroo and Apple

This dog food is a unique combination of kangaroo meat and apple pectin, a special digestive enzyme that slows the digestion process, making food easier to take down. This is a great formula for any dogs suffering from digestive problems brought about by allergies because it combines a low-fat meat and high source of digestive enzymes. While other foods on this list tend to come with added digestive enzymes, this one is very unique in that it is made largely of natural apple pectin.

Tramadol for dogsApples naturally have enzymes inside of them, so rather than having to add enzymes from artificial or synthetic sources, this food is completely natural as far as its enzymes are concerned.Kangaroo meat may sound like an usual or expensive ingredient, but it’s actually quite cheap and great for dogs that have digestive issues. Oftentimes, the meats used in dog foods are very fatty and lack protein, but with the kangaroo meat, you’re getting a lean protein source packed with amino acids, but you’re also getting an easily digestible food source.

Overall, all of these options should be your primary choices when thinking about hypoallergenic dog foods, but give each one a try to see which one works best for you and your pet.

Hypoallergenic dog food
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Our dogs are like family. But unlike family, we can't just ask them to tell us what they want for dinner. Our dogs are dependent upon us to buy the right foods that are healthy and safe for them to consume.

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