Whistle GPS Pet Tracker Review

There aren’t too terribly many things more distressing than losing your furry little family member – your dog – and not knowing exactly where they are or how to find them.

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Unfortunately, each and every single day, hundreds – maybe even thousands – of dogs all over the world go missing, some of them never to return again just because they couldn’t be located. It’s a terrible, terrible tragedy, but what makes this tragedy even worse is the fact that it can be avoided with amazing technological solutions like the Whistle GPS Pet Tracker.

Certainly one of the most impressive and feature-rich GPS for dogs units available on the market today, this incredibly compact, ridiculously accurate, and effortless to use GPS tracking system has been designed and developed from the ground up to help you not only track your pup should it go missing but so much more.

Whistle GPS Pet Tracker Review

If you’re thinking about investing in a quality GPS for dogs system that gives you a lot of extra peace of mind, as well as the security in knowing where your pet is at all times, you’ll want to take a much closer look at everything that the Whistle GPS Pet Tracker brings to the table.

Check out this quick Whistle GPS Pet Tracker review to better understand exactly what you’re going to get out of this system!

Live GPS tracking that’s as accurate as the GPS system in your phone

One of the most compact GPS location tracking systems that attaches directly to your dog’s collar, you’ll be able to live monitor the GPS location of your dog at any particular point in time with absolutely no difficulty whatsoever – all from your smart phone, tablet, or web browser.

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This GPS system utilizes the same advanced GPS technology available in all modern smart phones and most tablets. It gives you the opportunity to check in on your dog’s exact location throughout the day, watch and monitor their location if they have been lost, and effortlessly track them down if you’re having a tough time finding them.

Text and email alerts to let you know when your pet has left the “Whistle” zone

Named after the practice of whistling to bring your dog back home, you’ll be able to establish your own “Whistle” zone (a completely custom Whistles zone) that tracks the location of your dog and lets you know if they ever leave that area.

The moment that your dog leaves the predefined area that you’ve already established you will begin to receive text and email alerts to let you know that a breach of the Whistle zone has happened. You’ll be able to get in touch with someone that can get your dog, or you’ll have the opportunity to head them off and recover them effortlessly so that nothing bad happens to them.

These text and email alerts will keep you constantly updated of all the movement that your dog makes when outside of the Whistle zone. In this way you’ll not only be able to live track their location using the GPS mapping technology on your phone, but you’ll also receive constant updates if their direction changes, if there speed changes (such as if they’ve been picked up in a car), and any other changes to let you know exactly what’s happening as it’s happening.

Food and medication reminders built right in.

Another great advantage of the Whistle GPS Pet Tracker GPS for dogs system is that it has been designed to help make the life of your caretaker a lot easier if you go on vacation or let someone else watch your dog while you are away.

They’ll also be able to log into this system to track the location of your dog, but they’ll receive regular food and medication reminders as you establish them so that your dog is well taken care of when you aren’t around to do so.

Actively monitor their health, wellness, and exercise

The last real benefit that we want to touch on regarding this particular GPS for dogs system is the advantage of tracking the health and wellness of your dog through the exercise that it gets regularly.

Because you will be able to live track your dog’s movements you be able to track the distance that they cover each day, making sure that they get in plenty of exercise to keep them as happy and as healthy as humanly possible.

Final verdict:

At the end of the day, there are a lot of reasons to move forward with the Whistle GPS Pet Tracker.
• When you leverage this GPS for dogs system, you’re going to be getting benefits like:
• Active and live GPS tracking technology to monitor your dog’s location around-the-clock
• Regular alerts whenever they leave the “Whistle” zone
• Food and medication reminders for anyone that’s taking care of your dog while you’re away
• A system that monitors the health and wellness (as well as exercise patterns) of your dog
• A lithium ion battery system that provides up to 10 days of continuous use to help you find your dog wherever they are
• Compatibility with all popular mobile operating systems as well as desktop and web application systems

… And that’s just the tip of the iceberg!

Get Whistle GPS Pet Tracker for just $79.95 and get 3 months free service for a limited time!

There are plenty of other GPS for dogs systems out there, but none of them are quite as feature packed or as impressive as the Whistle GPS Pet Tracker. It has earned with our full endorsement and highest recommendation.

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